Hello, I am

Naim Naimov

Fullstack Developer / Team Lead / One Piece Fan

I am a 29-year-old Fullstack Developer with a love for backend work and modern reactive frontend frameworks. I have over 6 years of professional experience with WordPress (since version 3.7) and have completed hundreds of projects in a team environment having played both leading and secondary roles in the development process.

About Me

Team Lead by day and a fullstack developer by night! I love each aspect of the livecycle of a project -- research, planning and coding. I've been working with WordPress for more than 6 years now. I'm a full-time project manager and love to spent my free time coding

October 2013

This was the year I decided that I want to be a software developer. I started taking on PHP programming courses, had some knowledge from High School and things were looking great.
The fire was burning!

May 2014

Landed a job as a junior developer at htmlBurger (yay)! I would describe this phase of my life as "Life Changing". These guys showed me the true way of coding, tutored me with great patience and I made great friends there.

December 2014

I met Nadi, the love of my life. Everything was moving according to plan, I had a great job and awesome girlfriend (she didn't know it yet, but she would become my wife in a few years).

November 2016

I was promoted to a Project Manager, another dream come true! I was now in charge of a team, new horizons unraveled and I was eager to improve more than ever.

February 2019

Yasmin was born! The happiest day of my life. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I'm now complete.

If I had passion up until that moment, now it is something completely different, I want to improve my skills, so that I can pass them on. My padawan will be strong in the force one day!

What I have worked on

Here are a few pet projects that I would love to show you.

  • AlgoFields

  • PrefixInc

  • Education

  • igCook

  • Effective Audit

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